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Combos are for intermediate steppers. Step is horizontal, right leg leads and tap free. Last combo approaches step from short end after the first 32 counts. Explanations at end. Comments or ???s email me.

Combo 1 - 32 counts

Combo 2 - 32 counts

Combo 3 - 32 counts

Combo 4 - 64 counts.

(See below for breakdown

Repeat combo on other lead - taking the walk to the right to do the last 32 facing the right short end.


*Karate kick on floor - right leg kicks to front, left leg kicks to left side, right leg kicks to front again, must do 3 marches then to change leads. Cue it as "kick front, side, front". Show low kicks first depending on ability and keep knees soft on the extensions.

** Big T-step - aka a Y-step. Advanced members can step far up from the short end and power jump back on the straddle.

*** Kick and straddle - step up, side kick other lead, straddle with this leg, side kick other leg then hop turn to face front of step. Teach it first as a knee, straddle, knee, hop turn.

Combo 4, Breaking it down
Teach combo 4 as two seperate 32 count combos to start with. To do this, omit the jacks to the short end and instead take the walk/shuffle/jog round to the front of the step for 8 counts. As for the 2nd part of combo 4 I would still keep it specific to the short end of the step it will eventually be performed on to avoid confusion (even though it does nicely self-reverse). Do a holding move (across the top long & back) to keep their heart rates up while you demo it then and get them to the other side of the step.

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