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Hi, Everyone! I have not submitted for a long time. It can be a lengthy process! This is a STEP/INTERVAL/VERY INTENSE CLASS. The class is formatted as step combinations, with built in areas to kick in the intensity for 30-75 second intervals. I prefer to teach more of an athletic class vs. dancey/choreography. If any of you have any good interval/sporty athletic ideas, please share!! Many of the intervals I will explain are some of my best stuff. My most common interval time is 60 seconds. Tell people it is better to go ALL OUT for as long as they can, then take it down if they have to before timer goes off.

* denotes that I will explain the move at end

*** denotes that when your class is ready for an interval, hold this ONE move for 30-75 seconds. I will give explanations for intervals, as needed at end, too.

Bench is horizontal. Walk through it, and you will get it. ALL combinations are in 32/64 counts, unless noted, and all are self-reversing. I wrote down all right lead, but before moving on to next combination, repeat left lead.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

(On last one, you are repeating on front of bench; do not tap down, go directly UP, UP, exit back. When you take this move to interval level, doing more than four, don't even try to exit off back properly, just stop, and let class march around classroom to catch breath)

Combo 3:

(48 counts, 96 counts, when repeated on left)

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

Combo 6:

(46 counts, 96 counts, when completed both sides)

There she blows! Explanations following:


This is 32 counts. You can start off doing one up-knee, instead of jacks, until people start getting heart rates up. Always show modified options, ie: heel digs, vs. jumping jacks, for lower intensity.

***L-Step travel-interval options-

***Turnstep-Interval options-

***Three/Knee repeater, Straddle down-
Pump arms down, or drive elbow back, popping up knee powerfully during repeater, then, LOW, squat/squat, staying back on heels

Tell them to hold the lunge, but turn, to face front, off back of bench. Show variation in intensity of a lunge, especially the high end, then, when your music is going to start the beginning of a 32 count: Lunge 8, continue lunging, rotate, face side wall, lunge 8, rotate, face back, lunge 8, rotate, face other side, lunge 8, rotate, face front again, go in 4's, then 2's, (which is right/left, rotate) rotating is an option! Tell them idea is just to keep lunging!

***Over the Top, short way-
Show them various ways that you know how to take power up, i.e.: boost up, lunge behind, etc. OR, my favorite, HARD, INTENSE-PLYOMETRIC! Foot on bench, facing side, abs tight, thrust off foot, boosting fists up to ceiling, land LOW, with other foot on bench. Go at your own rate of speed. Stress BOOSTING up, landing LOW.

***Across the top, long way-
Boosting up, abs tight, land low, or plyometric, like over the top, both options are very intense!

After we have done this class a couple of times, I may add in about 3- 20 second- wind sprints, jogging or walking for 30-60 seconds in between to catch breath.

***You will not do all these intervals during one class, so you will get a lot of mileage out of the routine. I have even taken JUST the intervals, and turned it into a total interval/circuit class, with pushups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, etc, in between the intervals, and they LOVE it! There's a whole other class!

Good Luck! Walk through and it should make sense! You can ask if you have questions. Let me know if you try it and like it! Please give me more ideas like this that you have done successfully!! I would be very grateful!!


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