Triple Knee with a punch!

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Wow! I never thought I would get so much feedback from placing a pattern on this website, so here's a few more!


Facing the front of the room (horse straddle), bring right knee (block) across the body three times. On the third, step out to the right, throwing a back fist (right) followed by a left cross punch! This is a five count move. I always make sure my students are pulling down with their arms on the knees...increasing the heart rate. Make sure they are turning their shoulders on the left cross. I usually do 8-12 sets on the right, then repeat using the left side. I call it like this: "Knee, knee, knee, fist, cross"


I think this is well known?
Right foot forward, throw a right jab, left cross, right jab, followed by a right knee block. Do 16 of these, then change the knee block to a flip kick. Do another 16! Repeat with left foot forward. I call it like this: "jab, cross, jab, knee/kick"


This is a killer-
In the home position (feet moving side to side), start throwing jabs with your feet (right, left, right left). Take it to a double jab each side (right, right, left, left). Keep in mind, the feet also double up each side. Keep that going for 60 seconds or so, then change it to a speed bag with your feet going side to side. Now, here's the killer....go to an 8 count speed bag and an 8 count jab. I call it 8/8. I always count the speed bag and make them count the jabs. Go at a double time count! "Speed bag 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1-Jab's 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1." Repeat as many times as needed to get their attention, haha! Hey! Make sure they count! If not, keep going until they do...

Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks for the postive feedback from my first pattern. Please email me with any quetions.


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