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Hi to all, I have been busy flogging moves off this web site so thought it was about time I contributed. I am not sure if this move has ever appeared before or not but here goes...

I call it the CAN-CAN. I guess it is a variation on the chorus line from musicals. I get people to line up in groups from 4 to however many you can fit in across the width of the pool. All the move involves is right knee up (with wee elevation), right leg straight up (with wee elevation) then left knee up (with wee elevation), left leg straight up (with wee elevation). Essentialy these are akin to a short lever kick (knee up and out of water) and a long lever kick (straight leg up so as to get toes up and out of the water).

The more people in the line - the harder it becomes as the water is forced to move around you. Co-ordination of all people can sometimes be a challenge and generally someone in the group will make the calls (e.g., right knee, right leg etc). This gives the participants something to concentrate on, encourages teamwork and alows a certain amount of self-determination or autonomy (enhancing motivation) in the class. The older ladies love it and often start singing their own songs:)

If you have any questions, please email me as I realise I may not have managed to explain myself very clearly!! Hi to everyone from New Zealand too.

Cheers, Liz

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From: Dunedin (New Zealand)
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