It takes two baby!!

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Hiya everyone.

There are lots of variations you can do with this pattern.

I'll start with the basic routine and then explain how I layer in the changes.

Combo 1

Repeat other side

Combo 2

Repeat other side

Combo 3

Repeat other side

When the class are happy with the routine I get them to turn their steps vertically and split them down the middle so that they are facing each other. They are still using their steps horizontally!!

Everybody starts with a right lead, so the two groups will be travelling in opposite directions.

After this, I explain that every basic step in the routine will travel over the step. To get them used to this we do something simple like 3 single hamstring curls and 1 over the top. Do this several times until everyone knows what's going on. Note: sometimes the class will be facing each other and sometimes facing away from each other!!!

But they all use the same lead leg.

Repeat the routine like this with an over the top instead of basic several times.

If your class are confident with this, you can get them to each find a partner (who uses the same height step). So, two people will be sharing the same step. One person stands each side of the step facing each other and repeat the routine in this way - every time they go over the top of the step they should be facing away from each other).

Good luck - hope you can use some of these ideas. Some of my classes I don't use the pairing up section at the end, but it is still good fun. Just make sure they are really confident with the steps before you move on!

*Knee switch (1) Step up left, (2) lift right knee, (3) step right foot on floor on other side of step [so legs are crossed], (4) step left foot down next to right, (5-8) repeat going back the other way

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