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Here are some vinyasas (flowing postures) that go well together. At first, hold each pose about 3-5 breaths, then start to flow with the breath, inhaling into one pose, exhaling into the other, flowing back and forth.

Awkward Chair...then swan dive down into:
Forward bend
**Challenge: come up high on the balls of the feet when in Awkward Chair, lifting heels as high as you can (as if wearing 'stilettos' (sorry, guys)), sinking the hips as low as possible.
**Cue tip: 'Try to go from 1 or 2 inch heels to wearing 3 or 4 inch, even 5 inch stilettos!' Makes them smile.
**Keep flowing between these two postures, about 4 times/breaths/cycles.

Warrior II...moving right into:
Supported right angle (bent elbow rests on front thigh, supporting torso)
**Challenge: take elbow off of front leg to come into full right angle, straightening bottom arm (perpendicular to floor) and opening palm so it's facing away from you.
**Cue tip: try to lower front thigh parallel to floor.
**Keep flowing between these two postures, about 4 times/breaths/cycles, keeping the hips locked in space which will really work that front thigh.
**Do other side.

When you find yourself resting in downdog and wonder what you can do next, try this vinyasa.

**Cue Tip: 'On the next inhale, move into Plank....'

That's all for now. I will try to add more later. Yoga is my new favorite class to teach. Please email me with any comments or questions. My real name is Trenna, but I post on the TBB as 'Heidi.' Have a great day! :o)

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