Hard Working Step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12471)

Combo 1

Combo 2

(will take up whole 32 count)

Combo 3

Combo 4

Repeat other way

*Straddle front- looks confusing at first, simple when you catch on. Lead with the left foot. Step with the left, right knee comes up, right knee goes straight back onto the floor, left foot straddles the front of the step, right foot steps onto the step, left knee up, then left knee straight to the back. All the way off.

**Alternating knee hops-
Just regular alternating knees to the front, only add a hop on the standing leg as the knee comes up -be sure full foot is on the step, especially those with risers

***Split basic
To lead left - 1/2 left basic, lunge left, come back on, lunge right, come back on, step off left, step off right.

****Alternating knee twist
Same as regular alternating knees only twist the knee slightly to the side to work oblique abs.

I know this sounds confusing, so feel free to email any questions. I'll be glad to answer. This routine has been a real hit in my classes, it makes em work!! Thanks!

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