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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12473)

For the dedicated steppers looking for hard work, add on:

*Over the top x4 (lifting the inside leg up for added intensity)

*Up, up and lunge facing the side wall, then count down and turn the lunge to face all corners of the room ending up facing front finally and lunging only on one leg for about 16 counts or so before switching to the other leg. Please tell the class to squat lower on the single lunge but not to bend over.

**Pivot off the step ~ DO NOT pivot over the bench, rather pivot in a circle like you would if you were doing a mambo pivot so you stay on the front of the box

***Broadway Knee ~ knee on the corner 1,2 step down walking backwards 3,4,5 knee up on 6 walk forward 7,8 count

****Knees around the world ~ knee straddle knee exit traveling to the other end of the step for knee straddle knee.

*****If you want to start back at the beginning you need to do 2 ham curls and 1 repeater so you start the routine on left lead. Otherwise, do 4 ham curls and continue into the Dedicated combo.

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