A Ball on Water

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12234)

Hi, Everyone I've never submitted a pattern before, but I love this site and use it all the time. In my water aerobics class I brought in my Stability Ball and we had a blast. Mine was 55cm. I started off by jumping on top of the ball (on my stomach) and tried to balance without falling into the water. That lasted for a few seconds. The class laughed hysterically at me... Then wanted to try. I have all ages and all sizes and they all made their attempt. We even went by the pool steps leading in and tried jumping on... Worked a little easier. Sort of... :)

Main part of our class we all went into a circle. (We had 5 people). We circled one direction and the person with the ball wrapped their arms around it and used it like a kick board. The rest of the crew just swam around in the circle in a Doggy paddle, etc and I had them all try not to touch the bottom of the pool until the person with the ball made one full rotation to their starting position. The incentive for moving faster was that the person with the stability ball could try to reach the next person ahead of them in the circle and if they touched them with the ball they could give it up early to the next participant... Great lower body work out and tough on the arms too trying to hold on to the ball... Enjoy!!! Thanks everyone for all your submissions, I love using them...


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