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I want to thank everyone who contributes to this site. I love it. So I thought I would add one of my own. I use this for my cardio kickboxing class for a lower body blast. First you step into a forward lunge with your right leg as you return to the start position you bring your right leg to your chest (that is one rep) and then right back into a lunge forward repeat the forward lunge knee to chest combo for 10 after the 10th knee to chest your right leg steps back into a reverse lunge once again on the way up your knee again comes to the chest repeat this 10 times. On the last knee to chest you lunge forward come up step right back into a reverse lunge that is one and repeat 10 times. You may need to stretch the left leg since that is the working leg. Now repeat with opposite leg. It will seem harder on the second leg than it did on the first. So to sum it up: right leg: lunge forward come up bring knee to chest repeat 10x, lunge back come up bring knee to chest repeat 10x, step into a forward lunge come up directly into a reverse lunge and repeat 10x, and finally repeat on opposite leg. I like to alternate the leg I start with so that each leg gets a chance to tire faster. Any questions or comments please email me.

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From: Massena, New York (USA)
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