Southern Style Aqua Killer!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 12260)

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all your ideas! Here's the pattern my class absolutely loves! They say they feel like oatmeal afterwards!

This is a building pattern so do Section I, then Section II, then combo I and II, then teach III, then combo I, II, and III...and so on. These are all stationary moves.

Do a 5-7 minute warm up over all major areas of body. Then 5-7 minute cool down.

Section I-- running (repeat 3 times)

** I usually give them a couple of seconds to "feel the groove" and then I start the counts. We usually do this pattern 3 times.

Section II-- rocking horse (repeat 3 times)

**Now do Section I 2x then go straight to Section II 2x

Section III-- cross country (repeat 3 times)

**Now do Section I 2x, Section II 2x, Section III 2x

Section IV-- frog jumps (repeat 3 times)

**Now do Section I 2x, Sec. II 2x, Sec. III 2x, Sec. IV 2x

Section V-- broadway kicks (repeat 3 times)

**Now do Section I, II, III, IV, and V 2x each or more for time's sake

If you do the repeating patterns this should take between 45 minutes to an hour. You can modify the repeatings to fit your program time. Please feel free to email me with questions/comments! I'd love to hear how it went with your groups!

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