Chilly Sunday Morning Stepping

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12273)

Did this on one of those cold mornings when you don't want to take your sweats off.

Please enjoy!

Bench is horizontal
Intermediate to advanced
Mostly tapless, excluding moves like turnsteps

Pattern A

Pattern B

* I usually do 4 of these in a row. Assuming right lead: 1, 2, right foot steps on bench and you turn to the side for a quick squat, 3, 4, as you come up from the squat you use propulsion to switch to your left foot on the bench. You are now facing the other wall. When doing these squats I find I initially have to remind the class to pause before going into the next move, in this case a side leg lift. They will keep that left foot on the bench to do that move - or whatever follows. You barely have one count to work, so I don't use it as a lead change.

** Got this from a video, can't recall which one. Assuming right lead: 1, right foot steps up, 2, left foot taps off the side of the bench - this is a big intensity move and options are to either tap on top of the bench or on the floor slightly behind you - 3, left foot steps down, 4, right foot steps down.

Pattern C

*** Think of this as a triple while you are already on the bench. The way I did it was, Assuming right foot is lunging, etc.: 1, right foot taps floor, 2 right leg kicks, 3, right foot taps floor, 4, right knee lift, 5 right foot taps floor, 6, right leg kicks, 7, right steps off, 8, left foot steps off.

Pattern D

**** Just a quick squat after a turnstep. If you did a turnstep leading right, your left foot would step back on the bench for the squat. That's counts 1 and 2. For counts 3 and 4, I have them either do a march, march or two hops. Either way, they are to turn to the front and then do a V-step with that left foot.

Pattern E

***** This move can be tricky for more than a few people, even without adding the rocking horse move in front of it. They step up with their right foot, kick left, put the left foot back on the bench to kick right, then change again to kick left. Then they step off with the left foot. Balance seems to be the biggest issue here. Well that and they seem to want to step on the bench with both feet. Another cue I give is that only one foot is down at all times. I spend a lot of time on this particular move.

Any questions, please send me an email!

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