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Hello! Thanks for all the great ideas for aqua! Here's some I do with my night school class for fun - they seem to enjoy it!

Warm up - chicken dance (I used my daughter's tape and make the class do the chicken dance, complete with flapping their arms and clucking!)

Depending on class size, form small circles (about 6 people per circle) grasp hands, elbow meets elbow, circle right then switch direction. I do this for about a total of two minutes.

Line Dance - forming two lines, partner up and travel down the middle. The two travellers choose what move they want everyone to do.

Noodle races - have two on one noodle, one faces front and the other faces back. The front person uses their arms, back person uses their legs, travel to end of pool and reverse (the back person will be facing front now)

Musical step - some clubs have the water step. This works well with a smaller group (around 6 - 8). Have them travel around the steps (ala musical chairs) doing different exercises, skiing, jacks, etc. Take a step away each time, and have the odd man out select next move.

Weights on Fire - Just like hot potato, call out a move, have everyone pass a weight (or noodle) down the line, shut off the music and see who's out!

That's it for now! Hope these work for you!!!!! Once again, thanks for all the great ideas! Fitness block happens!


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