Another Interval Attack

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Warm Up


Block 1

Reverse, repeater starts on end you just came back off of

INTERVAL 1: Don't come back on the last run through, go over the top with a basketball jump (step tap) on each end (30 seconds) and then drop the tap and just go over with a knee (30 seconds)

Block 2

INTERVAL 2: use the turnstep and power it up with a knee lift/lunge after each turnstep, it's turn into a lunge, knee up hop, lunge back and back into the turn - do this 30 seconds, change to a kick instead of a knee for the last 30 seconds

Repeat Blocks 1 and 2

INTERVAL 3: on the floor, side kick right (toes forward, press with the foot), knee up left for 16 and then switch the legs around, go into alternating knees (abs in!) and then alternating kicks forward - slight lean back with abs contracted

Block 3

--> I split is up, up, jack, lunge, lunge, down, jack on the floor

INTERVAL 4: 30 seconds of regular I-steps (no lunges) and then 30 seconds of double jacks on the floor (squat it out)

Block 4

-->Vhop jack is up, up wide, jump together pause, down, down and jack on the floor

INTERVAL 5: Use regular L-steps - make 'em big and hop all three knees

Repeat Blocks 3&4 (or 1-4 if you have time)

INTERVAL 6: Change the mixed repeater to a plain old knee repeater and reach for the ankle - front/back/front for 30 seconds, back to plain knee repeater and add a running basic in between each repeater for 30 seconds

I tend to use this format alot - 4 combinations with one or two moves per combo that I can use for the interval, with some variations. Intervals are usually 60 seconds but vary if there is more of a learning curve for the move(s) we're using - I start timing when we've learned it and are starting to add power. I also give lots of intensity options and non impact ones as I usually have a mixed level class. I used this class a few days ago but didn't manage to fit in the 6th interval (no time!).

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