Helicopter - Chopper (Advanced)

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My class just loved this - try it!!! It's a lot of fun!

Block 1



*Turn straddle, lunge cha cha, extend-180, reverse straddle, knee home

*Chopper-pivot, L-step-basic off the end, T-step, knee home-mambo

** Lunge - double tap - cha cha - tap down .... from the "turn straddle" - right foot up, left foot up, right foot double taps down & cha cha on the bench - left foot double taps down & cha cha on the bench - then tap down.

*** Chopper - walk.... A chopper is what I call a reverse helicopter. Facing the middle of the bench, (towards the left side of the bench) step up (1) with your right foot & make a quick hop/turn over your left shoulder (2) & step down (walk) with your left foot (3), then (walk) right foot (4).

**** Reverse pivot.... Pivot left foot - turn over left shoulder - and walk 2 - you will end up facing the back of the room towards the end of the step - should put you in position to go into the L-step which will take you to the end of the bench.

Block 2



*Grapevine L, 2 charlestons, hop turn straddle-glute straddle, X-step

*Knee back-tap up with a turn, hesitate-pivot, A-step-swing over, curb around-knee corner

** Knee back - tap up with turn... From a straddle position, bring the right foot on the bench, lift the left knee up & step down. You will now be facing the back of the room. - Tap up with turn.... left foot up on bench, right foot taps up, right foot comes down (with your left side to the bench, left foot comes down (facing the back of the room, then keep turning to go into the hesitate with your right foot.)

*** Just like a curb walk, but you'll be going around the bench. For this move you'll be standing with your right side to the bench. Right foot up on bench, walk left foot forward - step out right (little pivot), then step with left. You should end up facing the front of your bench (home)- this will get you ready for the corner knee.

This is my first time submitting so I hope I explained this well enough. If you have any questions, please email me. I know how difficult it is to understand these by reading them.

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