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*Knee tap over step is 8 counts: When you are performing a knee lift do the following; right foot on step 1, left knee lift 2, left foot down 3, right foot taps the front side of step 4 (over the step), right foot on step 5, left knee lift 6, left foot down 7, right foot down 8. You are on the back side of your step facing front wall.

When I teach this for the first time I perform two knee lifts in place which equals 8 counts. Then I alternate from right to left a few times. Then while the class is performing the two knee lifts I'll show the knee tap over the step which also equals 8 counts. Then the class transitons into the combo with me.

**Crab 8 counts: up right 1, up left 2, right foot steps off end while left lifts 3, left foot down on step 4, right foot up on step 5, left off end while right foot lifts 6, right down on step 7, left down on step 8. Stay on top, add 3 alternating lunges right, left, right and exit.

Crab is a total of 8 counts. Add the lunges for a total of 16 counts. The two moves go together. Once you're confortable with the combination, get low when you are in crab it makes it harder.


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