Silly's Autumn Step Challenge

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Time to give back again to all of you! As always, feel free to email me with breakdown questions.

Combo -- 64 count, self-reversing. Step is horizontal.

*Step knee-slide. This move moves like a mambo, but since I have lots of guys in my class, they never want to "mambo" (too cutesy)---thus, they slide the foot instead. (purely a mental thing) anyway...start them with a repeater around to the front of the step that exits in front. Then introduce this move. It goes (facing front):

Cardio L-step**--Borrowed from my friend Marion. This L-step has alot of movement to one side of the step. It's easy, but uses alot of space, so it gets the heartrate up. It goes:

Across the board with a turn***. If you stay facing front, you are tapping down. If you add a turn it is tapless. Do your 1/2 L-step. Stay facing front and go across the board (long ways). As you exit, face the back of the room and go across again. Again, as you exit, turn to face the front of the room. Just remember it is tapless.


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