Interval Ranging Endurance Ride

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Heart Rate should never go below 65% and never above 79%. Take NO breaks. Tell the students to fuel up when needed, but NEVER take a break. They will get one of the best workouts they have ever had while burning fat the most efficiently.

T= Techno
R&R= Rock and Roll

This turns into a 57 minute class.

In an endurance class there are no jumps and no sprints and no standing runs. But it will kick your behind if you take NO breaks. First third of the class will seem easy, if you typically teach an all terrain class all the time. But from that point forward you will find this class more difficult.

I recently began teaching endurance/strength/and endurance interval. I use to only teach all terrain.

If you burn your own music burn it so there are no spaces and it is all one mix until your cool down song. You basically end up with one track until the end because you take no breaks and it's smooth!

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From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)
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