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Our club has a full sized pool but the entire pool is shallow, only 3 1/2 feet deep. My classes have many elderly, obese, and arthritic people but also people of normal abilities and everyone gets a good workout. We do mostly stuff moving up and down the length of the pool at various speeds with some circle and stationary work and we have weights and noodles and kickboards to add variation. Here are some of the things we do with the noodles and boards:

Noodles: holding the ends of the noodles, kick high as we move down the length of the pool and crunch the ends under the legs. I always cue with anything that you can do any move with or without impact.

Deep march, holding noodle in one hand, pressing down by side, up and down.

Moving backwards, holding noodle wide with two hands, lowering and raising noodle, keeping abs tight.

Riding the noodle like a horse, keeping feet up, using arms to go the length backwards or forwards.

Paddle boards: giant steps, holding the boards upright like a tombstone, push forward and pull back -- go forwards with this to one end and backwards to the other end. I usually do a third lap pushing at angles and then give the choice on the way back to go backwards or to kick paddle with the boards. Then at the end we crouch in the water, planting the boards against our chests with the hands on the outside edge, and push from side to side to work the obliques, keeping the legs and hips stationery and just moving the upper body.

Using two boards under each arm (this we do in the last 15 minutes of the class) bring the legs up, resting on the boards, and crunch the knees into the chest and extend, working the abs. Then go from side to side. Then bicycle in front and to the sides. Bring the legs in front and then tuck and to the back, repeat.

Note: I bring music to suit my classes. If I have mainly older people I play late 50s and early 60s music, some 70s; I also use jazz, reggae, and classical. I have younger people in my evening class and often play music with more modern artists. Reggae and Cajun music work really well with the water classes for all ages.

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From: Charles Town, West Virginia (USA)
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