Abs with a tube ?????

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12320)

You will need a step without any risers. Feed the tube through under the top (narrow) end of the step making sure that it is caught between the floor and the step. That way the tube can't get pulled through to either side once you start.

Lie down on the step with your head at the end where the tube has been fed through, (the tube is at shoulder level) pick up the tube handles, wind the tube round your hands to ensure thet you have enough resistance.

Put your feet on the floor, stretch your arms hands forward and start with normal crunches to the front and also to the sides for the obliques. Make sure that you really have to pull the tube with the forward motion (keep your wrists straight - don't bend them backwards). You can also let go of one side and support the head when you do the obliques

Next stretch your legs up toward the ceiling and do your crunches reaching out to your feet and also with your hand to the opposite foot for obliques. Once again you can support you head with one hand when you do the obliques.

You can really adapt it to all the normal abs but then you have the added resistance.

I hope it is all clear - please mail me with any quistions. Cheers, Suzette

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