Square Steppin

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12324)

Set up the room in a square with an extra (unclaimed) bench on each side. Your class will transition between two benches during the class.

Repeat left

Repeat left

Repeat left

*2 repeat with step up - 2 repeater (1,2,3,4), tap right (5) after the second knee and then step on the bench (6), exit left (7) then right (8).

**Shuffle walk - similar to a shuffle turn, only you shuffle two and then walk 4. If you are shuffling with your left foot then you turn over your right shoulder to walk. Shuffle 1,2 Walk 3,4,5,6. (this is a move from Gin Miller, so if you have been to one of her workshops lately you have probably seen it!) On the knees corner to corner you going to be on the far end of the other bench!

***Hippy Shake - this one from another turnstep person. My class loves it. It works like this 1/2 V-step (up right/left) 1,2 / shake your hips right/left 3,4 / hop together 5 / kick right 6 / exit right/left 7,8

I do this as an interval class. We put weights in the center of the square then we step for 5 minutes, then we switch - 1/2 lift weights inside the benches for 2 minutes and 1/2 do some type of cardio around the outside of the square. (running, skipping, shuffles, high knee jog, walking, etc) If you have problems feel free to email me.

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