Old Stand-By Variation Series #1

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12333)

My favorite classes to teach are those which include muscle conditioning. SOOOOO, I thought I'd start a new posting series of the different variations I've found to freshen up the old stand-bys we all revert back to. Here's the first entry...Hope someone is able to use these.


Using a step, take your class into plank position (modified or full depending on their level). Cue them to take their CHEST over the logo on the step (or center of the step), not just their SHOULDERS over the step.

As they lower into a push up, have them gently raise their right leg keeping the knee straight and activating through the heel (flex foot), alternating legs. If you want to add a little more difficulty, add a knee tuck to the movement making it a full 8 count move. IE...

The next set they will be moving the push ups. Starting back in the same plank, do one push up centered. Now take a big step out right with the right toes and at the same time walk the left hand in to meet the right hand. Leaving the left hand on the step, place the right hand wide on the floor. Do one push up here. Replace the feet and hands centered, one push up here. Then do the same moving sequence to the left side of the step. You'll have to use your classes level of fitness to determine the number of reps. Givethem a little stretch.

Finally, decline the push ups by placing either their toes or knees on the step and your hands on the floor. Do one set of push ups here. Give them a little stretch.

Always remind them that their chest should be over the step logo. All of these can be done from the knees, but you obviously will have to cue correct form for modified push ups, so they don't make it too easy on themselves. (On the leg raise with knee tucks, if it's done in the modified position, just have them do the leg raise with the knee bent rather than straight, but still activating through the heel.)

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