Advanced-Kickbutt add-on

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 12334)

Start with right leg forward left leg back, cue for legs to be hip width apart. Bpm needs to be higher, I prefer 145ish.

First Move:
Double jab right, single jab left and right (1,2,3,4)
Step back, feet together (5,6) Step front feet together (7,8)
Repeat till you are comfortable they got it.

Change your #4 punch from a straight jab to a hook punch. Encourage them to pull in their abs and their shoulder for a power hook punch.
Repeat till you are comfortable to move on

Eliminate the step back and front and add a squat/bob with a pause down (5,6)and pause up (7,8).
Repeat 4 to 6 times.

Change the bob slightly to make it a plyometric move, so squat/bob down and push and hop up.
Repeat 8x

Change your plyometric move to a front kick on the way up (instead of the hop) now you have Double jab right(1,2) single left (3) and right hook (4), squat/bob down (5,6) up with a front kick (7,8)
Repeat 8x

From your front kick, add a back kick left, front kick right and another back kick left.
Repeat 8x

I like to switch sides, bring the count down to 4 reps of the combination, do 2 jacks and switch sides again! And when I am feeling especially mean, I bring it down to 2 reps (jacks and switch), then 1 rep (2 jacks and switch sides). Hope you understood it!! Have fun!

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From: Ambler, Pennsylvania (USA)
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