Easy peasy 1&2's

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Hi everyone! I've just recently started covering a circuit type class & this is one thing I use towards the end just before the cool down. The class seems to enjoy and it does give them & you a bit of a laugh after a hard class.

The class needs to pair up & number themselves 1 or 2. Each pair stands down the center of the room facing the front and beside their partner:

 wall 1                        wall 2
                1 2
                1 2
                1 2
                1 2

If you call 1 then run to the wall closest to them & 2 must try to "tag" them & vise versa.

Take care not to have any sequence to the numbers when you call them, the fact that the don't know which way to run is what makes it fun. I also enjoy calling 1 or 2 before they reach the wall or center so they have to turn around and run quickly.

It keeps my class on their toes.


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