Sonia's Total Body Blast II (Cardio Intervals & Strength/Tone)

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For this class you will need a step (risers of choice), a set of weights, and a stability ball (optional). The step is horizontal. The step combos are basic, 128 count, and self-reversing. The first part of the class is done as aerobic/anaerobic intervals. The second part is resistance work. Use music that is 128 bpms for the 2 minute aerobic interval. The one minute "blast" is done as fast as the individual chooses to make it. Encourage each person to listen to their bodies and push only as much as they can handle. A good comparison to use: when you are on the step it should feel as if you are walking fast/jogging, when you work the one minute blast it should feel like you are sprinting. Begin with a low level and quickly move to the highest/fastest level for the blast. I use a stopwatch to time the 1 minute bpms here. Use a thorough warm up, paying particular attention to the back.

Part 1: Cardio Intervals

#1 Two minute step interval:

#1 One minute cardio blast done on the floor.

#2 Two minute step interval:

Repeat with a left lead.

#2 One minute cardio blast done from the step.

#3 Two minute step interval:

Repeat with a left lead.

#3 One minute cardio blast done on the floor.

#4 Two minute step interval:

Repeat with a left lead.

#4 One minute cardio blast done on the floor.

#5 Two minute step interval:

Repeat with a left lead.

#5 One minute cardio blast done on the floor.

#6 Two minute step interval:

Repeat with a left lead.

#6 One minute cardio blast done on the floor.

Before moving on to Part II, do several minutes of low intensity hi/low type moves, bringing the heart rate down sufficiently to do the strength work.

Part II: Strength/Tone Workout

Change the music to 118 - 124 bpms. Note: These can be done without a stability ball. You may stretch between each move or do all the stretching at the end.

Have students take their stability ball to the wall. Facing the wall press the ball into the wall slightly to keep it in place - about chest high. Do 8 heel lifts. Place the top of the left foot on the calf of the right leg. 8 right heel lifts. Repeat with both heels lifting. Place the top of the right foot on the calf of the left leg. 8 left heel lifts. No ball? Just hands on the wall.

Turn around with your back to the wall. Place the ball at the small of the back with the feet hip width apart and forward on the floor so that when you roll down the knees are even with the ankles (90 degrees). 8X: Roll down 4 counts and roll back up 4 counts. As you roll down keep the tailbone neutral. Do not allow it to curve around the ball. At the bottom of the wall squat the tailbone should not be touching the ball. 4X: Roll down 4 and hold 4, up 4 and hold at the top for 4.

The following weight moves are Pilates based, so the breathing may be different than what your students are used to. You may want to switch to Yoga or stretch type of music. These should be done slowly with control and a concentration on the breathing.

Sit in the center of the ball with feet apart as needed for stability. Use lighter weights than you normally would and do not do more than the stated repetitions. If you don't have stability balls you may do these standing. For all moves, contract abs slightly. Shoulders are relaxed and down. Breathing is down into the ribcage. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth with control.

8X Hug a tree: To start, extend the arms forward at chest height. Palms are holding the weights vertically. Elbows are soft and arms are rounded as if hugging a tree. Maintain that shape. Inhale as you slowly open arms to the side. Exhale and slowly return to start.

8X Open Shoulders: To start, extend the arms forward from the shoulders, elbows bent up at 90 degrees, palms facing you. Inhale as you slowly open arms to the side (butterfly) turning the palms forward. Exhale, returning to start and turning the palms towards you again.

8X Biceps Curls: To start, arms are extended forward at the shoulders. Bend the elbows to touch the weights almost to your shoulers. Keep the elbows even with the shoulders. Don't let the elbows sag. Inhale and extend weights forward. Exhale and curl weights in.

8X Salute: To start, lift weights to forehead so that the ends touch. Palms are facing away, elbows are pointed out to the side. Inhale. Exhale, extending the weights forward and up. Inhale to return to start.

Recliner: Sitting on the ball. No weights. 4X: Walk the feet forward until you are in a table top position - hips and knees are aligned, core muscles are contracted - head is lifted with the chin slightly tucked. Walk the feet back until you are sitting on the ball again.

Supine on the ball: Head and neck must be totally supported on the ball. Students who can not maintain the table top position should do these lying on their step the long way with a mat draped over it. It is very important to not let the back sag. If you are on the ball you must contract the core muscles to maintain proper positioning. On the floor caution them to keep the back tucked into the mat - no arching!

4X Scapula Isolation: Raise both arms to the ceiling, palms turned forward. Inhale, lifting/pushing the arms upward, rounding the upper back so that the shoulder blades lift off the ball slightly. Don't lift the head. Exhale, pressing the scapula back into the ball.

8X Chest presses: Weights by chest just above shoulders. Inhale. Exhale, pressing arms up, keeping shoulder blades on the ball. Inhale to lower.

8X Overhead triceps: Arms straight up over forehead. One or two weights. Weights are together, palms facing in. Inhale. Exhale, lowering weight(s) behind the head, elbows pointing up. Inhale to straighten arms.

Lower weights to floor.

Do 32 slow crunches on the ball. Lay back over the ball when you are done. Letting the entire spine and back of head round over the ball to stretch. Slowly raise up using hands behind head. Lower butt towards the floor in a squat with your arms stretched back around the ball. Hover with your bottom several inches off the ball. Ahhhhhh!

Sit on the floor: Place the ball between the bent up knees. Lean back on hands. Do 32 inner thigh squeezes.

Kneel with the ball in front of you. Go to all fours with your body resting on the ball. Placing the fingertips lightly on the floor do 12 back extensions. It is a small lift using the back, NOT the hands or arms. Place the hands on the front of the ball, 12 back extensions. Place the hands behind the head as if for a crunch, 8 back extensions. Beginners need to maintain level 1.

If you don't have stability balls just do abs and back on the mat. Substitute opposite arm/leg lifts for the back extensions.


My gosh, this took forever to type out. This is a long class. If you don't have enough time I suggest eliminating one set of cardio work and the heel raises and wall squats (because the legs work hard during the cardio anyway). I hope this gives you some ideas. Email any questions or comments.

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