Four Views of a Kickbox

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This pattern turns at a quarter turn each time you complete the pattern

Start facing front, feet parallel - start with the right arm

2 Jabs (right,left), 2 hooks (right,left) 1/4 turn thrust kick (right leg kicks) you land with right foot forward 8 count

Add: jab (right) thrust (left) double knee strike (right- front leg), 1/4 turn as you do double jabs (2 right, 2 left) 8 count again -- you end up facing the left at a quarter turn and the feet become parallel again after the double knees (repeat pattern at the left quarter turn continue until facing front again).*

You can just do jacks to switch sides or jacks and jabs or an odd number of jabs -

To get more aerobic after this, I do 3 jabs traveling (right) with a clap and change direction (left) [This is 8 count] - work up to 7 consecutive jabs with a clap and change direction [this is 16 count].

Make them count it out and move at a quick pace.

Change the clap to a cross punch (If traveling right the punch is left) and they work harder than with a clap.

Hope you can use this.

Good luck.


*I found it's a bit much for most classes to absorb immediately so break it into two parts - teach the 2 jabs, 2 hooks and the 1/4 pivot thrust kick first - add on the rest later.

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