Giving the seniors an aquatic workout!

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Hello! I teach an AOA (Active Older Adults) water fitness class twice a week. Here is an idea that I have used. I did this out of desperation when I started teaching because I needed to fill time. Now I use it often! This is similar to another post on this site that I read, but I added a bit more to it. We are lucky enough to have a pool with a movable floor so our depth is all the same in the pool. We usually adjust the pool depth to the shortest persons chest height.

I get my seniors in a circle and we take turns calling a move in the water, after a short time I ask the next person to pick a move. we continue all the way around the circle. In between moves I decided to add in a jog to the center, then jog backwards out of the center. You could also do jumping jacks moving forward and back in between each move.


Takes up tons of time and gives everyone a great workout. Some of my ladies even call exercises we do on the wall of the pool during this...anything goes! Thanks for all your great posts! ENJOY!

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