More Interval Blast !

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12361)

After a warm up...horizontal step...

Block One

(1/2 V is a wide basic or V-step facing east or west - step wide, wide, together - only the first step is actually on the step)

INTERVAL: Into the split basic and hold the lunges, to double lunges, back to singles and "plunges" (deep lunges, almost diagonal turn, hop to change) for a total of 60 seconds

Block Two

INTERVAL: After the step tap on the end, over the top long ways, step tap, 1 and 1, add propulsion, after 30 seconds drop the tap and take it to over the top with a knee lift instead of tapping down

Combine Blocks One and Two a couple of times.

INTERVAL: Use the L-step and make it big, add propulsion emphasizing 3 knees, after 30 seconds add in a power basic inbetween the L's.

Block Three

INTERVAL: From Karen Voight's Energy Sprint - eight power hamstrings a side but instead of tapping down on the floor, tap wide on the step (except for the last one to change) - do 8's, 4's, 2's - can do a knee up too (this one we did 90 seconds, not as intense)

Block Four

INTERVAL: Hold the straddle knees - make them big (propulsion) and add depth into the straddle, we changed this to a straddle step with a hop up, alternating legs.

Repeat Blocks 3-4 or 1-4.

I often take them to the floor for a grapevine combo or use a simple step combo (basic, wide basic, alternating curl, repeater curl) to bring the heartrates down in between combos (especially if they want water!) - or we start to learn the next one.

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