Step Into Fall, But Don't Fall Off Your Step

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Hi all

For you choreography hounds here is my latest submission.

Level: Advanced

Combos: 64 count, self-reversing, TAPLESS

Step: Horizontal

Assumes a right lead,explanations follow each combo. Cross phrasing where indicated.

Combo I

Total 64 counts

** Reverse V-step. Right foot up in left corner (1), left foot up in right corner, turning so that you face the back wall and are up on the bench (1), down to floor with right foot (1), down to floor with left foot (1). Total 4 counts and you will finish on the other side of the step, facing the back of the room.

Combo II (Cross Phrasing on this one)

Total 64 counts - Cross phrased

** Weave - makes over the top tapless. Right foot up on bench left foot crosses behind and exits to floor

*** Outside cross mambo - simply a mambo, done on the step, but with the outside leg, instead of the inside leg. In other words from a side approach, if your right leg was directly beside the bench, you would do the mambo, on the bench, using the left foot.

**** From the walk back behind step, you will end up on the opposite side of the bench. From a side approach (once you are up there you will be facing the length of the step), do a curl, knee only or 1/2 a rocking horse. You will still be on top of the bench simply weave to exit.

Combo III (cross phrasing on this one)

Total 64 counts - cross phrased

** Stomp the corners (some of you may call it a peg leg or a waltz), stomp left corner, stomp right corner.

*** Split back basic, step up right, left (2) lunge back right, left (4), step down right, left (2)

**** Spin off, mambo. A spin is a 360 degree pivot (a complete turn) mambo on floor.

***** Cross over mambo, will be done from the straddle position. One foot crosses over the bench to mambo, on the floor, in front of the other foot.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

** Baby mambo on top of step. Step up right, left (2), right foot mambos down on floor in front of the bench (3), left foot mambos down on floor in front of the bench (3). WHEN YOU FINISH YOU WILL BE UP ON TOP OF THE BENCH, that is why the down, up, down jack to take you back to the floor.

*** Curl, grapevine, grapevine, curl. In left corner, curl (2), grapevine away from the bench, moving toward the back wall (4) grapevine back toward the bench (4), do another curl on the bench in the left corner again (2), fill phrase with a weave. Repeat on other side of bench.

Combo V (cross phrasing on this one)

Total 64 counts cross phrased

** Orbit. Diagonal on bench, right foot up (1), left foot up (1) turn and look at the direction you just came from as you exit right (1), left (1) down to floor. You will be facing the corner you just left.

Have fun with these combos. Email any questions.


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