Lower Body Blast

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12371)

Always warm up smile and stretch out! Now you are ready to go.

Sit on your Stability exercise ball with feet planted on the floor. Rotate back and forth then side to side using your hips. Walk your feet out until your lower back is on the ball. Stretch your arms out to a full body stretch and breath. Hands behind your head chin slightly down, begin your sit up routine - 2 counts of 10 then side to side 2 counts of 10 alternate this for 5 sets. Full body stretch of the ball again. Slide down next to our ball on your kness - ball on your side. Lean your body into the ball for leg raises 2 counts of 10 change side by rolling the ball in front of you to the other side 2 counts of 10 repeat 5 sets. Lay on your back hold the ball under your knees, raise the ball up using your lower abs. Repeat raising and lowering never touching the ground for 2 counts of 10 - 5 sets. Take the ball between your knees and squeeze tight for 10 seconds Relax for 10 seconds - 5 sets. kneel down behind your ball lean into your ball and back again to stretch out your lower back. Repeat for 5 sets.

Stretch that body and give yourself a great big hug - you did a terrific job. Remember when stretching to stretch out all muscles used during your workout.

Enjoy life to its fullest!
Eloise :)
Lady of America Fitness Center

To look and feel good remember it takes three things Exercise, Diet and plenty of rest/meditation/prayer/sleep

Drink lots of water your body loves and needs the H2o

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