Some new moves and old ones

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 12110)

I have been consulting this site for some time trying to keep my class fun and fresh. Here are some moves I haven't heard on this site and some I made up to go with the 50's and 60's music I use in class.

Skate board push (or think speed skater)
--plant one foot on the floor of the pool (knees soft) and use the other leg to "push" the skate board. While pushing with the one leg, the stationary leg should bend and straighten slightly (think small one-legged squat). Arms with this move are similar to the breast stroke--two arms out front and pulling to the sides.

I use this move with a small skate board/surfer jump (two feet facing the same direction hip width apart then hop/jump to face the other side) to switch pushing legs.

This move is similar in speed to the rocking horse but can be taken up a notch with power jumps in between and more bend in the stationary leg. Also by adding weights or short noodles in your hands.

Hula Hoop
--just like it sounds. Make big circles with your hips then gradually make them smaller and smaller and/or switch directions. It is harder than it sounds and everyone laughs a lot while doing it. It is non-threatening though because no one can see underwater.

This works great in a combo with a twist with wiper arms (twist travelling, and/or twist while lifting alternating legs)

Hop Scotch/Jack back combo
--hop scotch forward (two feet hips width apart, hop to one foot, two feet, hop alternate foot)
--jack back

Feel free to email me with questions.

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From: Dunkirk, New York (USA)
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