Kick A** Legs

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My class looks forward to learning new and different ways to kick up a basic move. I'll be using this combination of leg moves tomorrow, hope you'll try them. Let me know what your class thinks of the moves.

Right lead

Repeat with left lead

Right lead

Repeat left

I'll finish with 16 squat jumps

45-degree lunge with back tap:--- Start with feet together, abs tight, and shoulders back. Step out and back at a 45-degree angle, allowing the front leg to bend. Than push through the front heel while crossing the back leg behind the front leg. Tap the toe lightly and return to the 45-degree angle. Back to start postion.

Side lunge with crunch:--- Place hands behind the head, elbows out and chest up. Step into a right side lunge. Using your oblique muscles, pull the left knee up while crossing the opposite shoulder towards the knee.

Combat lunge:-- lunge forward with the right leg. Return to start, now perform a back kick with your left leg. Return to start, perform a front lunge right leg, return to start, and than perform a front kick with the left leg. Switch back and forth between front and back kicks on each lunge. Do all reps on one side than switch.

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