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I haven't posted here yet but I love to come here for ideas. I noticed there were some great ball contributions and some yoga/pilates contributions but I couldn't find one that incorporated the two. My yoga class loves it when we use the ball so I was hoping to find some new ideas. Since I didn't see anything, I thought I would add a few of mine.

I'm not going to outline a whole class but instead I thought I would just offer a few poses I use with the ball. I am going to assume that people reading this know the basic set up of yoga poses. Also, some ball poses are great for modified yoga classes while others are for more advanced yoga students.

Both Warrior I and Warrior II can be used with the ball as support. To make it more vigorous, the poses can move. For example, with the ball behind you, feet in the Warrior position but legs straight; inhale and then on the exhale bend the turnout knee setting into Warrior II. Depending on the class, you can hold the pose or move right into inhale, straighten the bent leg to the starting position.

Planks are excellent core strengtheners on the ball. Laying with tummy on the ball, walk the hands out on the floor, moving the body over the ball until the ball is below the belly button. The futher one walks the hands away from the ball (ie with ball at the thighs or ankles) the more challenging it is. Just holding the plank works well. You can add a chatarunga (yoga push up but with shoulders over wrists and elbows in) but watch that you don't arch through the back. Only go down as far as you can keep your back straight.

Another great move in the plank position is to pull the knees into the chest. The ball will roll in with the legs and out as you pull in the knees and then straighten. Again, cue to stay tight through the core to protect the back.

For strong students who are able to do downward facing dog correctly, they can add extra challenge by doing on the ball. It is easiest if when you are in the plank position that you walk out so that the ball is at the ankles. Pull the ball in (towards hands) using the feet while keeping the legs straight. Your weight should shift over the shoulders so that when you are in the downward dog position, you are inverted almost like being in a handstand.

Modified and full bridge (wheel) are also great on the ball. In modified bridge (feet on the ball, knees bent, and pushing up with the pelvis) you can add a pilates-type move by straightening the legs and then bending them again, moving with breaths or holding in each position. It's killer on the hamstrings too!

In full bridge, I work up to the move by sitting on the ball, rolling forward until the ball is at the small of my back. I then relax back over the ball and carefully straighten my legs to recline over the ball. I do this a couple of times before rolling all the way back so that my hands and feet both touch the floor with the ball under my back.

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From: Palmyra, Virginia (USA)
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