Spin-side kick rally

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12141)

When I sub for a class that looks really advanced I throw this at em at the end. It's a heart thumper!

This pattern has everyone at the back of the room and advancing forward. Start with either right or left lead.

Knee lift (1,2) front kick (3,4) round kick (5,6) spin-side kick* (7,8) power squat (1,2) up and pause (3,4) shuffle back with jab (5,6,7,8) Pause (1,2,3,4) repeat same side or switch

*spin-side kick -- after the round kick place the foot that round kicked with the the heel facing front of the room (should be pigeon toed) when you lift the other leg you should automatically spin and then execute a side kick to the front of the room.

I know this isn't a "perfect in phrase pattern" but they love it. I start them out doing this in half time until everyone gets it. Then its normal speed and away they go!

I cue it like this:

Knee! front! round! spin side! down! up! punchpunchpunchpunch ready! and! knee! ..... etc!

When I break it down in halftime I just add the word "down" between each kick of the first eight count.

If I have anyone who doesn't get it I tell them to do all knee lifts for the kicks. Email me with any questions

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