Dare to be square

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12160)

Steps are set up in a square. Each participant will be inside the square. They will share 3 of the steps. The front is their own.

                        X X X X X
                     X             X
                     X             X
                HOME X             X JAIL
                     X             X
                     X             X
                        X X X X X

There should be enough space between blocks to perform V-steps using 2 steps at corners. All combos are 32 count and self-reversing. Each combo is performed counter clockwise than clockwise unless specified. To warm-up I do a knee up on each step to familiarize them with the steps.

Start with: Knee front, knee back, knee Home, knee Jail. Use you own transition move to start a left lead. Here it goes.

Combo #1

Counter clockwise

Repeat clockwise left lead

Combo #2

Counter clockwise

Repeat clockwise left lead

Combo #3

Repeat the same combo at right corner front)

Combo #4


Repeat the combo front bench left lead counter-clockwise.

Combo #5

Counter clockwise start at left corner FRONT

You wiil be ready to do the same combo going clockwise.

Lots of stuff. I teach most of the moves on the FRONT BENCH. Once they learn all the moves we start changing. Hope these combos will work for you. Thank you for the great ideas you post. KEEP UP AND YOU WILL BE KEPT UP.

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