Simple but hard!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 12173)

This pattern can either be done facing front, or in a boxer's stance (one foot forward). The way I am explaining it below, we are facing front in parallel stance.

Stay at each change until they all feel comfortable enough for the next change. When reaching for the floor in a lunge, place your other hand on your bent leg for back support and keep your chin up!!

To transition to the other side, I get them back into the tap out side to side, and do rear elbow strikes single count, then double count. Go back to single count on the left leg, so the left leg leads. The change back to a single tap will be on an odd count, but no biggie, it works itself out.

This also works in a boxer's stance, just start out by tapping forward on your right leg, and tap back on your left leg. Instead of a side kick, you can do a front kick or a roundhouse..etc. and you will lunge the left leg behind you instead of out to the side. This is a killer, so email me if you have any questions.

Thanks for all the great moves - it's been interesting seeing all the different ways people teach out there!! :-)

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From: Superior, Colorado (USA)
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