With a Lower Body Twist

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12182)

Not exactly 32 count...

Block 1

Block 2

Repeat other side.

Block 3

(first four alternating arm reach up, last 3 circle arms in and out)
--->add propulsion to the ones with arm circles (this is from Cathe Friedrich - intense, make sure they don't lift the leg too high or arch)

Block 4

on the floor - borrowed (thanks "Ganey"!)

Block 5

Block 6

I'm trying to write out this class from memory since I lost my notes - we also did some walking lunges in there somewhere. Singles across the room, 3/2/1 pulse before coming back, singles back again with a kick as we switch to change over to the other leg. One more lap of singles, with or without the kick.

They felt the burn from this one alright - and everyone was pretty sweaty!

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