Slapp's Doing it for Kicks!

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 12186)

Summer's over, time to start posting again. Here are some combos that get my AquaKick class groaning!

Kick 1 - Aqua Roundhouse... start leg out at the side parallel to floor, knee bent, heel towards bottom, then kick out and back, returning to that heel to bottom each time, a little jump at each kick makes it smooth and hands go out across body in oppostion to legs.

Kick 2 - QueueBuster....knee up then kicking forward, knee up then kick behind (as if in a queue of people with BO! :))Again hands are in opposition reaching forward and back as legs move.

Kick 3 - ThighHammer...kicking out to the side leading with knee as above then sweeping the extended leg across body, toe up as if kicking a football, reach out to side with opposite arm then across to touch knee of working leg.

Blimey, it's hard to describe these in words!! I've got out of my chair at least 5 times and kicked all around my office to check my descriptions. Please note these kicks are not for knee/hip problem people. Any questions post me on the Aqua board. Smile like a dolphin, Slapp.

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From: London (United Kingdom)
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