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I was looking on the website today and noticed there hadn't been any new "bootcamp" patterns in the last month or so. This is my first contribution, so I hope it appeals to someone besides me!

1. I tell participants to pretend that there's a rope strung across the room--they choose the height depending on their desired intensity. First we do a bob and weave under the "rope", moving slowly across the room (a forward-moving squat). Depending on how much your participants like the kickboxing aspect, you could add some front punches. On the way back across, I tell them that now the rope is on the floor and have them high step (low intensity) or pony step (a hopping step-touch). I usually repeat this 2-3 times.

*Basic grapevine or shuffle right/left
*Basic grapevine or shuffle + speedbag with same arm as the direction you're going (i.e., grapevine right, speedbag right arm)
*Basic grapevine or shuffle + speedbag (same arm) + cross (opposite arm) on count 4 of grapevine or shuffle

I don't usually do these movements to any specific 32 count phrase, although you could. Switch directions every 4 counts. I think people like the quickness of the final product.

3. Split class into groups of 2. One partner does wind sprints (jog or sprint 1/4 way across room, touch floor, back to start, touch floor; jog or sprint 1/2 way across room, touch floor, back to start, touch floor; continue...) while the other partner uses a resistance ankle band to work outer thighs or hamstrings with a step touch or hamstring curl. When one partner gets done with wind sprints, partners switch roles. I usually repeat the cycle 2-3 times.

4. I love to target the hip flexors by doing longer sets of knee lifts and front kicks on the same leg. I usually alternate the 2 (knees and kicks) every 8 or 16 counts, just to switch it up. Make sure to give cues about not locking out the supporting knee.

5. Last one...my class didn't like this much, but I thought it was a good interval. We faced the front of the room but moved sideways with what I call a "rainbow knee." Basically, it's a "flexibility-challenged" fan kick, because your knee is bent so that people who aren't so flexible in the hips (like me!) can get a better and more comfortable range of motion. Start by circling the knee across the midline of the body, then ending with both feet on the floor in a wide stance position. Then hop in the same direction as your rainbow knee and repeat (i.e., right rainbow knee, right hop). Switch leads to get back across the room.

Thanks for reading--hope you like it!

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