Dripping with Sweat!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12198)

This is the first half of a CardioKickboxing Class! I use lots of floor movement to get them sweaty and tired. Enjoy!

Combo 1

(Start with right shoulder to the front of room)

Repeat on the other side, lead left
(But on the 4 jacks, turn to face the front of room)

Combo 2

(Facing the front)

Combo 3

(Still facing the front)

Repeat on the other side

Combo 4

* Keep doing this, the last few times that you do it on this side, change the left kick to a "hitch kick" left

* For more intensity make them grunt "HUH" every time the knee comes up, so that they feel it in their abs

Jump rope or bounce for 8 counts, then repeat on the other side with left knees

Combo 4

Repeat other side

Do it again, but flurry the fists while you shuffle. Flurry-shuffle right (1-3), 3 hook punches (left,right,left) (hook on 4, 6, and 8). Repeat other side

Combo 5

(the killer)

Combo 6

By this point, they are dying for water. Take pity and give them some! =)

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From: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
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