High Energy Aerobic Training (HEAT)

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Hey everybody! This is my first posting so I'll try to make it understandable. I've gotten so much from this site that I wanted to give back... This is a HEAT (High Energy Aerobic Training) class that my students absolutely LOVE. The music is from Total Body/ Powerflex. If you don't have these basically there is 4 minutes of music and then 35 second of silence and then a whistle to signal 10 seconds till the next section. There are 10 Sections worked. Each section will be outlined below. For the 35 second break we walk around or stretch depending on what section we just did. The whistle signals students to return to their station and listen for instructions on the next section. I give posture/form instructions at this time also. I hope you guys can use this! It's an intense workout that covers the entire body!!! It's kinda long but will give you an ENTIRE class.


Start with general stretches then go into some beginning cardio moves (side step, ham curls, knees up, etc.)


We do VERY basic steps here because we're aiming for cardio work not fanciness. We do 8 of each:

You can add in any type of transition you like between right and left side of the step. I usually use 4 basic steps to travel to the right or left side of the step.


This is all in counts of 8.

Repeat pattern with left lead then back to right lead, etc.


This is also in counts of 8


We do counts of 8 for each of the following moves and keep repeating series until music runs out

Section#6--weight training

Using free weights work biceps, triceps, chest and back

Section#7--upper abs

Vary ab exercises including singles, 2 counts, pulses, 3 up-1 down, cross overs, etc. ONLY WORK UPPER AND SIDE ABS

Section #8--lower and combo abs

I ususally do reverse crunches with above counts and then do combination upper and lower crunches.

Section #9--flexibility

This basically works on stretching/ some Yoga moves

Section #10--cool down

Some more stretching. You can combine #9 and #10 if desired for time's sake.

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