Try this - it is sooooo fun!!!:) Routine #1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12209)

Hi, I recently started to teach step so, this is the first pattern that I have taught, so this site is wonderful. Some of this may be recognizable - although I did give it my own spin. If you recognize a pattern - thank you - I appreciate all your ideas. I will post the count next to the move, all combos start on right lead. Step is horizontal:) All of the combos given are finalized versions.

Combo #1

(borrowed - thanks, it was fun!) 64 counts, right lead

Combo #2

32 counts, right lead

After your class gets these two combos, repeat them leading left. You should be facing the back of the room.

Combo #3

64 counts
After you repeat the above combos, you should end up back to the right lead.

Repeat left lead

Combo #4

Right lead, 32 counts

Repeat left lead, I do at least 2 times on each side.

Combo #5

32 counts

Repeat left

*I-step - (right lead) up right, up left, single jack on top of step, down right, down left, jack on floor. If your participants don't like the jack on top, tell them to do 2 basics, V-steps, 2 turns or single travels of their choice.

**Indecision - (right lead) up right, up left, straddle down right, straddle down left, up right, up left, step down right, step down left. If you are on right lead, you should be on the opposite side of the bench ready to go left lead.

***O-step - (right lead) right turn, straddle down, right turn straddle down. So, you end up in straddle position, which will set you up for an over the top.

**** Single of your choice, knee, ham curl, kick etc.

***** If they do not want to walk around, they can hop turn to get to the other side of the step.

****** Split basic (right lead) - up right, up left, lunge back right, lunge back left, down right down left. If they don't like that, they can do two basics or whatever you cue them to do.

*******Funky V-step (got from this site) - up right wide, up left wide, march in right, march in left (this is on top of step) tap right toe on floor and bring right knee up, exit right, exit left. Try it, it does work.

I really hope that you enjoy this! I added some simple fillers in as well as a lunge segment. Once again, thanks everyone for your great ideas. Please email me if you have questions:) Take care!

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From: Norristown, Pennsylvania (USA)
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