Seated Yoga

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The exercise routine is excellent for participants that are in wheelchairs or don't have very good balance to stand. When you breath, remember to inhale and exhale only through the nose. Be sure when you inhale fill the lungs completely before exhaling. Also, be sure to hold each pose for 3 to 4 deep breaths.

Standing with legs hip-width apart, take 4 deep breaths. On the 5th deep breath lift your right arm to the heavens, and gently pull your left arm down to your side. Slowly bring the right arm to your side and repeat the same movement using your left arm.

POSE 1: Prayer pose

POSE 2: Warrior I

POSE 3: Warrior II (head and upper body are leaning to the right)

POSE 4: Warrior II (head and upper body are leaning to the left)

POSE 5: Side angle pose (right hand is on the left knee, extend the left arm up)

POSE 6: Side angle pose (left hand is on the right knee, extend the right arm up)

POSE 7: Half moon (leaning slightly to the right)

POSE 8: Half moon (leaning slightle to the left)

POSE 9: Tree pose (have class sit up straight in their chair, hands are to their sides palms are facing forward.)

POSE 10: Corpse pose (have class slouch down in their chairs and get as comfortable as possible. I like to have my classes hold this pose for 5 minutes.

When you are done, repeat the sequence two more times. The only difference is make the movements flow from one movement to another without any demonstrations. Have fun with this workout. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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