Tiffany's Toughie

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 13026)

Step is horizontal:

W |         | E

Starting on right foot, all combos are self-reversing

Combo I

(you are now ready to start combo on left foot)

Combo II

Combo III

Combo IV

*V-step squat: (1,2) right then left foot goes up on bench like a regular V-step, (3,4) squat for two counts, (5) jump feet together, (6) right knee pops up, (7,8) step down, down

*V-step jack: (1,2) right then left foot goes up on bench like a regular V-step, (3) jump feet together, (4) jump feet apart, (5) jump feet together, (6) right knee pops up, (7,8) step down, down

**(1) Step right foot to west corner, (2) lift left knee, (3) step down with left foot, (4) sit back and hold squat (make sure you sit way back so you protect your knees), (5) step on right foot, which is still on the bench, (6) kick left foot, (7) step on left foot in front of bench (8), step on right foot.

***This is like a regular straddle, but you take the straddle on east end of bench for (1,2) and (3,4) to the west end of the bench like the Capital letter A. I always let the first leg fly up and out as I bring the second foot on top of bench.

**** This is a syncopated move (1,2) step left, right on the bench, (&) kick left foot, (3) straddle with left foot, (4) straddle with right foot

# (1,2) Pivot turn to back of room, (3,4) walk (right), walk (left), (5,6) pivot turn (right) back to front of room, (7,8) walk (right), walk (left) [a more difficult option is to (1,2) pivot turn to back of room, (3&4) cross right foot over left and ball change with left foot (5&6) cross left over right and ball change with right [start to turn towards front of room as you ball change] (7,8) facing front walk (right), then (left) to bench]

## (1,2) (right) then (left) across the top of bench, (3,4,5) backing away from east side of bench walk right/left/right, (6) left knee comes up, (7,8) walk forward (left/right)

### Facing front on east side left foot on top of bench, swing left foot out as you step on right foot, step down left, step down right.

^ (1,2) Step,hop on top of bench, (3,4) left foot down as you move left hip then right hip, (5,6) step,hop with left foot while turning to face east side of bench, (7,8) step down on west side right, then left

^^ On west side of bench, facing east, walk on top for three counts right/left/right, step down on left foot on 4, walk back 4 counts. Right/left/right/leftR on 5,6,7,8 to west end of bench (repeat) [a more difficult version is shuffle (1&2) right/left/right, (3) step down on left, (4) lift right knee up, (5-8) walk back right/left/right/left to west end of bench.]

My class has enjoyed the challenge of the more difficult moves, especially Combo III which is a heart racer while you are learning the moves and repeating them over and over. Good luck and feel free to email with questions.

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