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You should now be facing the right wall to repeat combo for left side

*Knee blocks: similar to knee raises except the knee comes up across your chest as you crunch down. Your elbow should hit the outside of your thigh.

Also, the count for knee blocks is: -3 hold 4- as follows: "Jab -1- Jab -2- Knee block -3 hold 4-"

*Grab and Pull: you are grabbing your opponent from the shirt collar and pulling down / then, for "left knee kick"...(from facing the left wall) you are knee kicking to the front. As though you are knee kicking your opponent after you pull them down.

*Elbow Hit: similar to a hook except you're using your elbow to hit your opponent in the chin.

Sounds complicated, but it's fun once you get the hang of it!!!

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From: Romeoville, Illinois (USA)
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