Core strengthening - leg lifts

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Lie face-up on mat, (palms face down next to body) with Stability ball under calves. Stabilize the deep abdominal muscles (transversus) and lift the hips so that body is in a straight line: shoulders - hip - knees. Prepare to balance on the left (left) straight leg: Holding torso "square" to the ceiling, lift the (right) leg with pointed toe toward the ceiling. Move (right) straight leg down toward the ball with flexed foot. Lift (right) straight leg (toes pointed) back toward ceiling, while balancing (left) lower leg on ball. Repeat straight leg down/up for 3-5 reps. Finish by bending knee and replacing it onto the ball next to the (left) leg. Check body alignment, stabilize abs before changing to (left) leg lifts.

This is excellent for abs, gluts, hamstrings, shoulders - The goal is to keep the abs tight throughout (keep breathing); Torso square to the ceiling without "wabbling" side-to-side (stability); Beginners can do a "shoulder bridge" on the floor with the same leg lifts, taking the leg to opposite knee's height.

Thanks to everyone for submissions! My classes appreciate the variety

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