Ball warmup

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I use a Tai Chi warmup with the ball.

Standing, holding the ball in front take a few deep breaths raising the ball overhead on the inhale and exhale slowly bringing the ball back down.

Then take a wide stance position (wide wu chi) knees bent in line with ankles, 2nd and 3rd toe following the line of the knees. Holding the ball in front, pelvis tucked, tailbone shooting down in a squatting position, begin to figure 8 the ball in front of you. Eyes follow the ball. As body begins to warm stay in the squatting position but turn your body more (figure 8 gets bigger) try to rotate so you are looking over your shoulder. Keep abs on and your tailbone down.

After this I go into a yoga sun salutations type sequence.

Stand tall with the ball in front, raise the ball overhead on the inhale, exhale ball comes to the floor knees slightly bent head down, inhale straighten the knees flatten the back and roll the ball out keeping the head in line with spine, exhale roll the ball back to bent knees head down, inhale extend one leg long behind, exhale return, inhale extend other leg long, exhale return to bent knees dropped head, inhale raise ball high overhead exhale return to mountain pose (standing tall ball held in front).

You can do this a few times to get the body moving!

Hope you can use this, it's a nice change from the toe tap stuff!

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