Take it outside!

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**Make sure everyone has their water outside**

Warm up

Indian walk for 2 rounds or about 5 minutes. (walk in a line and the last person sprint walks to the front of the line. The last person, now, walks to the front, etc...)

Indian jog (slow jog and last person sprints to front)

Find a landmark ~20-30 yards away and have them line up as if they we going to race to it.

Split class into 2 groups.
Group 1: Use curb (in safe place or take a step outside) for 20 dips.
Group 2: Step up and down on the curb
Switch two times

Keep groups.
Group 1: High kness down and sprint
Group 2: Jacks in place
Switch activities
Group 1: Walking lunges down and sprint back
Group 2: Ski with big arms

Squat kick with alternating legs-- 10 to 20 on each leg
Walking lunges down and sprint back


My class really liked the idea of going outside! They didn't even mind the audience after a little while! I am always looking for more bootcamp/circuit training/athletic drills to keep my class from getting bored!

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