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I have taken things from this great website, so now it's my turn to give back.

I start at one end of the aerobics floor and frog hop all the way to the other end. A frog hop is when you stand in a squatted position, and then hop in that position all the way to the other end. To make this harder, they have to keep their hands clasped behind their head. Once they get to the end of the room they can either turn around and frog hop back, OR do ten power leaps, and then turn around and do frog hops back. A power leap is when you stand in a partial squatted position, and jump up and down--this is a quick, stay-in place, powerful move. We repeat the frog hops and power leaps four times, and then reach for our oxygen tanks. :-)

I also do what I call "suicide runs". We start at the back of the aerobics floor, run 1/4 of the way to the other end, and then back to the back of the room, then run 1/2 of the way to the other end, and then run back to the end of the room, then run all the way to the other end and back. We do this four times.

I also do power jacks onto the bench. Straddle a vertical step bench, then with both feet jump onto it, then jump down, then up, then down, we do this for forty-five seconds, THEN we jump both feet down, still straddled, and touch our hands onto the bench, and then jump up and hands are up in the air. Just like doing jumping jacks, but you are jumping onto the bench, but we touch on the bench to make this harder. We do the touch jump for forty-five seconds. We had to build up to the forty-five seconds. Modify this by taking out the jumps and just step up, up, down, down.

I also teach an outdoor bootcamp class. So, I have lots of great, hard stuff, and am always looking for more. So, email me if you have some new ideas, or if you want more ideas.

A big thanks to everybody who has submitted to this site-it's an awesome resource.

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From: Missouri (USA)
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