Sweep 'Em Off Their Feet!

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 13093)

Okay, this one's kind of cool, because it requires your participants to move around a little bit in order to keep that target in the same place. As a result, it's a great combination for visualization purposes and uses a wide variety of muscle groups.

Goes like this: step (make 'em step first, so you guarantee they step at an angle--away from the body) with the right foot, sweep kick with the left foot, then follow with a right round kick, a right back elbow strike, and finish with a right forward punch.

So, the target first gets hit by the sweep kick around his shins or ankles, then the round kick--likely a little higher up, then you get him with the back elbow strike, and finish him off with the punch.

Now, once you do it, it flows quite smoothly, and you don't alternate. You keep stepping on count 1, and each of the moves is on the even count--2,4,6,8.

In case some of you are unfamiliar with the sweep kick, it requires the knee to come up like a cross strike (though not quite as high), and then, you bring the leg across and around the target's lower body. Imagine sweeping the feet out from under your opponent. Just make sure they have the grounded foot at an angle, so that first move will keep the body in correct alignment. Otherwise, if they step forward, when they bring the opposite leg up and across the midline of the body, they'll be totally out of line. It's similar, in that nature, to the crescent kick.

The movement part comes when they are facing the left after having completed the sweep kick, and they follow with a round kick. The back elbow strike will then help them to get facing forward again, and then after that final punch, they're ready to do it all over again. Yeehaw! Let me know if you have any questions.

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